Yoga & Digital Detox Weekends

Beautiful retreats in the heart of Brandenburg

Unplug yourself from your devices and return to your digitally dominated daily life with more balance and mindfulness.


Together with other likeminded participants you will focus with clear intent on relaxation, recovery and deceleration.


Upcoming Retreats

Digital Detox: Why?

Constant availability in an increasingly fast-paced digital world - you probably know this reality too. A digital detox helps you reflect on the impact of today's technology on your daily life. Through deliberately abstaining from your digital devices, a more mindful relationship with your smartphone and social media is created.


Through a weekend of digital detox, you question to what extent you rely on your technical devices and maybe even depend on them. You distance yourself from any digital distraction and concentrate on your own well-being.


At Be Retreats we remind you to look up again.


Draw strength for body and mind

In order to be able to switch off holistically , the combination of yoga and digital time-out is ideal.

Relax completely from your everyday stress with 2 yoga units per day. Find new energy and strength so that you return to your daily life physically and mentally stronger and more balanced.

Pictures by © Oxana Salzmann


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