Upcoming Retreats
Yoga & Digital Detox - October 2020
Thu, Oct 08
Schloss Neuhausen, Prignitz, Brandenburg
Oct 08, 5:00 PM – Oct 11, 12:00 PM
Schloss Neuhausen, Prignitz, Brandenburg, Neuhofer Str. 20, 19348 Berge, Germany
Relaxation. Recovery. Deceleration.
Yoga & Digital Detox - November 2020
Thu, Nov 05
Schloss Neuhausen, Prignitz, Brandenburg
Nov 05, 5:00 PM – Nov 08, 12:00 PM
Schloss Neuhausen, Prignitz, Brandenburg, Neuhofer Str. 20, 19348 Berge, Germany
Relaxation. Recovery. Deceleration.


Relaxation. Recovery. Deceleration. 

Digital detox retreats from Be Retreats are weekends in a lovingly restored country house in northern Brandenburg. Surrounded by nature and away from everyday stresses, we offer you a break from the constant technical bombardment of our world today. 


Let yourself be pampered by Kathrin's culinary skills and let Laura guide you through the weekend - as active or inactive as you like. In addition to delicious dinners, extensive breakfasts, cozy coffee and cake sessions and stimulating lunches, we also offer workouts and excursions. Be Retreats is all about you and switching off: all activities are optional. If you would rather read a book in quiet area, go for a walk by yourself or take a relaxing bath, you are welcome to do so. 


Another great aspect of Be Retreats is getting to know like-minded people. The retreats have between 8 and 12 participants and thus offer a pleasant interpersonal exchange to enjoy a digital detox together. The absence of digital distraction often creates a stronger connection to your social environment. Together with the other participants, you will practice being present, enjoying the moment and living the day on your own terms. 


When participating in Be Retreats, you reflect on the use of your digital devices and return to your everyday life more mindful. You actively exchange ideas with other participants about the consumption of social media and critically question what constant availability and possible digital dependency are doing to you. The abstinence from technology creates space to pause for a moment, for self-reflection and for personal development. This way you return into your everyday life with a fresh perspective on your relationship with the digital world.


Prices include three nights, all meals und drinks (water, juices, hot drinks, beer, wine) and any activities. Travel to the location is not included. We are happy to collect you from one of the train station nearby. 


Ca. 14 m²
Double bed
Ensuite bathroom

600,- Euro


20 - 30 m²
Double bed & Ensuite bathroom

Original elements, such as wooden beams

700,- Euro

All prices are per person, per room. If you would like to share a room between two of you, please contact us directly at:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Discounted prices apply for our retreat in September (view event for details). In this way, we want to make our contribution to the recovery of the economy after the corona crisis and enable you to participate in possibly difficult times.

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