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Testimonials / Digital Detox

For me it was a real broadening of my horizon, a necessary change of perspective, a feeling of lightness and of coming back to myself. Even if I can never imagine life without a smartphone or digital devices in general (or without Berlin) in the long run, it is like so often in life: the dose makes the poison. I can definitely recommend the retreat from Be Retreats, not least thanks to Laura and her mom, who gave the time a family touch and brought that extra dose of care.


During the following weeks, I really took some of the things to heart that I learned during our group talks, for instance not bringing the phone into the bedroom at night, turning off some notifications, not bringing the phone to dinner dates with friends, and loved ones. I thought of the retreat a lot during the lockdown, how it was a relief not to be bombarded with alarming information and feeling powerless about it. I thought a lot of people would benefit from some digital detox then, but even more, now that we already fell back into old patterns.


Anyone who needs a conscious break from the digital environment in order to take more time for themselves should take part in this retreat. According to the motto "Everything can be done, nothing has to be done", you can participate in organized activities or find a cozy place in front of the fireplace with a good book.


Be open to hand in your smartphone and go offline. Due to the good group dynamic I did not miss my cell phone, but instead got to know new people and their interesting stories. Laura and her mother Kathrin are very warm hosts who offered me a wonderful and relaxing weekend. In addition to the great organization, the meals were cooked entirely by Kathrin herself, whereby any intolerances were taken into account effortlessly. The accommodation, in the immediate vicinity of a castle and a pond, offers plenty of space with its many rooms and common areas. Thank you for the digital detox experience - I will definitely take part in the retreat again.


I really enjoyed the weekend with Be Retreats! Both my room with a view of the pond and the common areas are really beautiful and furnished in the appropriate manor style. My highlight was the fireplace, which creates a cozy atmosphere. My special nutritional requirements were no problem, the food was lovingly prepared and very tasty. The weekend's activities, expertly led by Laura, were varied and engaging. It struck me how much I depend on my smartphone for many little things: for example, I didn't have a watch or an alarm clock. At the same time, it was good not to have to be constantly available and to enjoy the time and discussions in the group without distraction. It was an important experience that I can only recommend to everyone!


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