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About Us

Kathrin and Laura: Mother & Daughter Duo



I am the culinary heart of Be Retreats.


In my personal life, I always liked to provide and care: whether as a single and working mother of 3 children or at large family celebrations - I am always working with great attention to detail and creativity when it comes to catering.


Now I transfer my passion and also my many years of professional experience in customer service to Be Retreats and conjure up nutritious, delicious and diverse meals for our participants.



I am the entertainer and organizer at Be Retreats.


My enthusiasm for unique experiences, the meeting of great people and the creation of unforgettable moments together make every Be Retreats weekend special.


Due to my professional experience in event management and business operations, I am responsible for the content and implementation of Be Retreats. I also try my hand as the improvised marketing manager for the company.

Pictures by © Oxana Salzmann

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